Data Engineering

There are 3695 jobs in Seek on a given day for a Data Engineer/Data ScientistThe salary structure starts anywhere between $90,000 to $200,000 per annum. As a contractor, the median rate is around $775 per day and may get more than $1000+ per day. Consider this , Generation X accounts for 42.59% of these jobs and Millennials 29.63% for these jobs.

Data is the most important aspect of an organization. Over the years with the advent of technology available; it has become the best method to provide valuable insights into customer behavior, market intelligence, and operational performance. Data Engineers & Data Scientists build intelligent software to manage, interpret, understand and derive key knowledge from this data from all channels especially the social channels like your facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

Leveraging ACPS’s connect and strengths, as a student, you will unravel the latest in data mining, machine learning, and data visualization while developing the skills to communicate data insights to senior stakeholders effectively within your organization. It also positions you in the market in a spot which is super high in demand.

We will start our next batch for helping selected candidates to get to their dream career.  Write to to find out how you can leap into this career.

Note: there are some preconditions for entry to this course.